Self​-​Titled EP

by The Murder

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The Murder's first studio EP has been released to critical acclaim, noting superior production values and the injection of new life into a sometimes stagnant movement. As Rob V of Cheap Thrills notes, the group "offers up a brand of classic Boston punk with catchy, in your face tunes and plenty of devil may care."

Their sound is fast and loud, harking back to the early days of Social Distortion and Cock Sparrer, with a touch of The Clash thrown in for good measure. The opening track "Boston Burns" recalls some painful history in the Red Sox nation, while the politically charged anthem "C-B.S." provides some perspective on more national events. "Movin' On", "Glass House" and "Gravedigger" show that The Murder is capable of writing songs of a more personal nature, while "Rounders" is a rallying cry for players on the pro poker circuit. Invigorating and noteably well-produced, the album exudes an unrefined disposition that's faded from the genre in recent years. David Day of The Weekly Dig sums it up best: "The history of Boston punk rock would take 1,000 of these blurbs – or one listen to the debut EP from The Murder".


released June 3, 2008

Roach McKrackin (Guitar, Vocals), Pat Gill (Guitar, Vocals), J-Lanz (Bass), Jeremy G (Drums)

Produced By: Roach McKrackin



all rights reserved


The Murder Boston

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Track Name: Boston Burns
The uptown kids, they came downtown tonight
(They came downtown tonight)
The riot cops were looking for a fight
(For a fight, for a fight, alright)
Victoria, she won’t be home tonight
(Daddy’s girl ain’t coming home tonight)
As the tables turn and the fires burn
in the pale blue moonlight

Hey! Boston Burns Tonight
(Yeah, Boston Burns Tonight)
The cops prepare their showdown,
but it ain’t so black and white
Hey! Boston Burns Tonight
(Yeah, Boston Burns Tonight)
For 86 years we’ve shed our tears,
but victory is ours tonight

I think this city lost it’s soul tonight
(We sold our soul tonight)
First blood spilled out on the streets tonight
(On the streets, on the streets, that’s right)
A burst of smoke was all it took tonight
(Daddy’s girl ain’t coming home tonight)
A little girl lost to a cruel world;
Nothing’s ever gonna be alright
Track Name: Movin' On
10,000 miles of open road,
10,000 more to go
Turn up the radio,
have one more cigarette
Everywhere I go is like I’ve been there before
so it’s time to get movin’ on
Gonna leave this city and
drive on to the next

I?ll keep movin’ movin’ movin’ movin’ on
I’ve got no particular place to go
Full tank of gas, glow of the headlights and everything just feels right
On the countless miles of barren open road

Everything I do has been done before
so it’s time to find the next big thrill
We’ve done everything there
ever was to do
Glow of the headlights, no end in sight,
and everything just feels right
Gotta get ahead before the miles
take their toll
Track Name: Glass House
No one in the glass house
ever had a fucking job
Everything we didn’t burn
we had to tear apart
It almost killed me trying to
escape that fucking place
I swear to Christ I don't regret
a single fucking day

Selling drugs to make the rent,
I collected cans
Fucking neighbors called the cops
while we were playing with the band
It was a party every night and
it was done with style
Holes in the walls, axe through the door,
let’s torch the whole shitpile

The glass house was a place
we could call our own
This is the glass house,
nowhere else to call our home

Fighting off the junkies that were
breaking down the door
Beer, there must have been 10 kegs
that spilled onto the floor
When we left we threw a table
through the fucking wall
So many fights and drunken nights
that I just can’t recall
Track Name: C-B.S.
Every day a new story breaks,
perpetuating lies, fear and hate
The media disseminates misinformation,
the masses believe their proclamations
Journalistic integrity
has become a thing of antiquity
Rathergate and Jason Blair;
Their facts just don’t hold any air

Just don’t believe what you see
(Think for yourself)
Don’t trust in your T.V.
(Fight back)
Just don’t believe what you read
(Think for yourself)
Don’t trust the N.Y.T.
(Fight back)

The truth is hidden under lies
The facts are cloaked in a disguise
Why do we swallow what we're fed
While the wool is pulled over our eyes
(Over our eyes!)

They can raise you up or destroy your life
Fame or media suicide?
Positive spin or outright lies?
Just report; Let us decide!

Just report; Let us decide!
Track Name: Gravedigger
Another day I work alone in the city
Another night another drink of strong whiskey
Every night I’m burnt out from working everyday
I just can’t seem to break from this monotony

Every day’s like deja vu and I can’t tell a lie
Sometimes I wish that I would die
My back hurts and my bones ache from working every day

Sometimes when I wake up I wish I was 65
I’m only 26 and it makes me wanna cry
Another 39 years of digging my own grave
I wish I could stop wasting my whole life away
Track Name: Rounders
Matty didn’t wanna work anymore
Working 9 to 5 was such a bore
Life is a game and Matty knew the score
With a deck of cards under lucky stars
he collected his reward

Rounders, You know who you are
Eat, Sleep, Drink & Live the game
in the back room at the bar
Rounders, You know who you are
Raise the bastards off the pot;
Earn an easy living hard

Jason packed his bags one winter night
He left the cold of Boston for the Vegas city lights
Every now and then the money’s tight
But when the chips start to hit the felt
I know he’ll be alright

Danny Boy would just play for the thrill
He got an AK, flopped a pair of bullets
so he went in for the kill
He never saw the Royal Flush draw on the board
Danny’d lost his head; He was drawing dead, his bullets couldn’t beat the sword