'Til Death

by The Murder

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The title of The Murder’s sophomore album “‘Til Death” serves as a constant reminder that this band is in it for the long haul. The album delivers a collection of fist pumping, chant along tunes complete with solid hooks and flashy solos to a steadily growing audience.

Picking up where their debut album left off, the raucous punk rock ‘n’ roll style that The Murder have become known for shines through on the first single “Streets of Boston“. Paying tribute to the oft-missed Rathskellar and the mid-90’s Boston Punk Scene, the song evokes memories of good times past and years gone by.

After reminiscing about their roots, the band explores some of their more diverse influences, with a distinct rebel country influence shining through on “Better Watch Out“. As the record progresses, “Six Strings” brings back another flood of memories, of time spent in past bands, and promises to raise emotion in anyone who has ever picked up an instrument.

On Side B the band opens with the ska-punk jangle of “Here We Go Again“, while “Soundclash” takes things a step further, enlisting the vocal styling of Boston dancehall legend D!Arryval on a solid reggae tune.

Ending with the same intensity in which it began, the record ends with “Switchblade“, a hard hitting number recalling the rough and tumble world of S.E. Hilton.


released April 20, 2010

Roach McKrackin (Guitar, Vocals)
Pat Gill (Guitar, Vocals)
Steve Brocone (Bass, Vocals)
Jack Snyder (Drums)

Produced By: Roach McKrackin
Co-Produced By: Jack Snyder



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The Murder Boston

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Track Name: Streets of Boston
I was born in the city of Boston
Then put in foster care
Got adopted, moved away
For my developmental years
No love lost for suburbia,
Sprawling houses lawns and trees
The streets, the streets
Kept calling out to me

Playing punk rock kickball at MIT
Hangin’ out, drinkin’ beers with Satan & Brittonie
Went to my first show at The Middle East
Life changing moments: that was it for me

These city streets; Are where we roam
This grand old town; We call our home
We’ll wander these dirty streets until the end of time
These streets are where I wanna die

I remember hanging at The Rat
Right before they tore it down
And how my heart sank in my chest
As it crumbled to the ground
Things will keep on changing
Like the color of the leaves
The streets, the streets,
Keep calling out to me

Some friends stay, some friends go
Through the summer heat and the winter snow
The counter-culture and history
There’s no where else I’d rather be
Track Name: Six Strings
On the day I turned 13
Dad gave me my first guitar
On those lazy summer days
I was king of the garage
I met my best friends, we started a band;
The rats in the basement were our only fans
We learned hard lessons about life and love
While I learned to play guitar

This song’s for the kids that got something to say!

If you’ve got the music and
You’ve got something to say
Pick up a mic, six strings or sticks
Then go and find a place to play
Your only limits are
The ones that you create
Music is the key to immortality;
No one can ever take that away

Ten long years, triumph and tears
Will make you who you are
It appears I overcame my fears
Onstage in smokey bars
Just a shy kid when it all began
Life on the road made me a man
If you've got six strings and the will to sing
You can spread your message far

Six Strings, Six Strings Held in my hand
Gonna take my six strings, Gonna make a stand
Six Strings, Six Strings, Held in my hand
Who needs an army when you’ve got a band?
Track Name: Here We Go Again
Back in the lands of C L E
The worst place I've ever seen
I met a man, his name was Joe
as he looked around he said "Boy you know,
never trust the government,
You never know how your money is spent"
He swore to live till the day he died,
But when the chips are down you can only cry

Here We Go Again!!

Now I'm in the swamps of Bowling Green
A pack of smokes and a bag o' green
A place the natives thought was cursed
if I stuck round there I would have left in a hearse.
Now I'm in Allston Rock City
I like to sit around and get shitty,
I know to live till the day I die,
But when the chips are down you can only cry
Track Name: Soundclash (Feat. D!Arryval)
On the streets of Kingston town
The rude boys are at their best
With sharp suits and pork pie hats
Nobody gwaan come test
The selector runs the dance
The dubplates get no rest
Needles cut through wax of
Vinyl records freshly pressed

Runnin' riddims all night long
Selector, Rewind that song!
Killing sounds without a gun
Murder Sound is Number One!

Rude girls in miniskirts wine
on the dancehall floor
When dutty girl drop leg
She leaves the rudeboys wanting more
The sound plays on right through the night
Until the break of dawn
If rude boy gets lucky then
He’ll take the rude girl home
Track Name: Switchblade
I can feel it in my bones
Electricity in the air
The shit just might go down tonight and
I've gotta be prepared
Brass knuckles, bats and fisticuffs
May make you feel tough
I’m still reaching for my blade
When I’m outnumbered on my turf

CLICK CLICK; You turn your head
Italian stiletto; A flash of red
TICK TICK; Two seconds left
Till you feel cold steel across your neck

Murder’s just a numbers game and
So is self-defense
If you’re gonna jump my crew
You gotta use some common sense
Ten to three ain’t real good odds
And this ain’t Vegas, son
Pack it up and roll it out;
Bitch, you’d better run

Don't (Don't) walk the streets after dark
Don't take that shortcut through the park
You don't wanna hang on the hill
Till you remember to pack your steel
Throughout my youth I wanted to fight
Unleash the fury every night
But I grow wiser as I grow old;
My advice to you: "Stay Gold!"